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POW Bone Carved Ring

POW Bone Carved Ring



POW Bone Carved Pinky Ring

Over the years while researching all items from the war that carried a corps insignia on it I came across rings made by both Union and Confederate POWs. With lots of time on their hands these men created some of the most fascinating hand made pieces from the war from soup bones.

This Product, made from real cow bone(from artistic supply sellers) and Scrimshawed with patriotic insignia or the maker’s name and unit, to the one featured here made at Point Look Out Prison marked with all of the above including the words Home and Away. I have long sought and now provide reproductions of these extremely personal war time pieces.

*When placing your order be sure to include a message with the order on what you would like scrimshawed in the ring, otherwise no message will result in a bare ring being sent to scrimshaw on your own or leave bare at the your discretion.

*I am willing to try any Scrimshaw ideas you may have, space permitting. Feel free to communicate with me via my website messenger, email, or my social media.

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