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Naval Compass Rose

Naval Compass Rose


Naval Compass Rose


Now available to those who reenact those sailors of the war, The Badge Maker offers this  long known nautical symbol, worn widely by sailors both North and South, to adorn your flat cap for shore leave.


A little history Regarding the Union Navy: uniform regulations were strictly bare aboard ship, but lenient on shore. Enlisted sailors took to adoring their shore leave uniforms with various forms of embroidery and accoutrements, from materials either purchased from sutlers or from whatever lands they happened t sail to.  Both Flat caps and Uniforms became a spectacle of whatever the sailor chose to sew on.


Choose your colors of your Compass-

Red, White, Sky Blue, Navy, Green, Black, Yellow


* Note image above that the color material of each part corresponds with the color stitching. 

Choose: Circle color, first points(sky blue in item picture) and second points(white in picture)  The circle color will be the border stitching for the second points and the seconds points color will be the stitching for the first points.


*Center Circle will always be gold unless otherwise specified in a private message.


Choose your backing for easy sewing - Navy, Light Grey for easy sewing application to your unifomr or cap.


Compass Circle Color/ Sec