Musket Ball Watch Fob (3 options)

Musket Ball Watch Fob (3 options)

Musket Ball Watch Fob (Watch and Chain not included)

In researching what soldiers did with minie balls to entertain themselves in the field, it was discovered that they carved an endless amount of interesting shapes out of them. Some carved names or shapes, some were made into fishing weights, others into chess pieces. Possible that some dig out fired rounds or kept those from wounds received; a dramatic touch that evidence may prove.

That is where the idea came from to offer them as poor man's watch fobs.

Choose Type - Springfield, Enfield, or .69

Choose - Bare or Stamped(for Whole and Flat options, not available for Fired)

Choose Shape - Whole, Flattened, or Fired appearance.

If stamped - choose what you would like stamped on it. Stamping done by hand.
Ex. Union - Forever -
Cure for Secession
States Rights

* Please remeber that space is limited to 20 letter characters amd lower case is prefered.

* Also unless flattened the shape is rounded and words maybe spaced on top of one other to fit.

(DISCLAIMER : This item is cast from real lead. Fobs ordered will be dipped in Polycrylic clear finish for this reason and are ment for decorative use only.) Please see terms and conditions for further information.