Metal Twenty Second Corps Badge

Metal Twenty Second Corps Badge


Metal Twenty Second Corps Badge


Sources indicate that this Corps may have had three divisions but these are post war sources.  Primarilly it was in two divisions during the war one guarding the North of Washington DC and the other the South.  Most likely only red was used as so many units in the corps were heavy artillery, or at least red and white to distinguish each divison from one another.  


Cast from Lead Free Pewter and hand engraved or painted to your liking to represent those Badges special ordered by soldiers through advertisments in various newpapers of the period.


Choose Optional Engraving or Stamping of Wearer's Personal Information (Space Permitting for none enameled metal badges)


Choose Border: Design, Textured, or None


Choose Enamel Location: Center, Whole Badge, or None

(Center option: will be a small shape of the corps badge in the center of the badge in enamel paint in choosen color)


Choose Enamel Color to Represent Division: Red, White, Blue, Metalic (No Enamel), or Headquarters (Multi-Colored covering the entire badge)


*Comes with handmade period style pin unless Top Bar product is purchased as well.

Enamel Color