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Metal Second Corps Badge Type II

Metal Second Corps Badge Type II


Metal Second Corps Badge Type II


By far one of the most popular corps badges sought by reenactors and living history interpreters, most likely due to the entent of service of the Second Corps during the war, this alternative form of Second Corps badge is now available and offers more room for personalized engraving or stamping if desired.


*View the Other metal Second Corps Badges available in this section to compare.


Choose: Your optional Stamping or Engraving.


Choose: What text you would like on the badge. (Suggestion: Soldier's Name, Reg. and Hometown, maybe Company or Division as well.)


Choose: Your choose or Border: Design, Textured, or NO Border.


Choose: Your Division to be enamel painted: Red (First), White (Second), Blue (Third) (Fourth Available by Special Request) or NO Paint Metalic.


Choose: the location of your color: Center (if Border is chosen), Whole Badge ( If NO Border is chosen), No Enamal Paint.

Disclaimer: all my metal pieces with pin backs are attached with industrial adhesive.