Headquarters Badge

Headquarters Badge


Available for Corps (1-6, 10, 14, 15,16, 17th(1865),18, and 23rd)

These badges were used by headquarters staff and artillery batteries attached to specific corps divisons.

Headquarters staff badges consisted of each division within the corps' colors being represented within the badge.

As HQ badges were only worn by officers this badge is only offered with a Gold border in tight stitching as accoding to period examples or with concealed stitching (stitching does not appear on the border, but outlines the badge in the color of the material.)

Artillery battery badges consisted of a more complex color scheme. Due to this, no border option is available and stitching will be concealed style.

*If you would like a particular pattern of colors to represent a specific battery that was attached to a specific division of a corps, please purchase an HQ badge but choose the Battery option below and send a private message through the Contact page specifying which divison/battery your require so your badge can be produced accordingly.