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Federal POW Veteran Badge

Federal POW Veteran Badge


Federal POW Veteran Badge

Post War Veterans organizations, starting with the GAR and later becoming dozens more, came about through the rest of the 19th century. One such group was of veterans who had been prisoners of war. The badge they adopted, and later became incorporated into the GAR, as veterans could be members to multiple groups, features the eagle and crossed rifles suspending a mock-up of the prison wall surrounded by cannon with a pow being attacked by a tracking dog. Featuring the words Death Before Dishonor, which has been a favorite phrase of US veterans from every war since.

Note: some badges featured the name of the prison the wearer had been in. Later a nameless general badge was made the norm for those who wore it.

Top is made from a reproduction. The Bottom from an original post war badge.

Honor an ancestor or interpret a veteran pow for spectators. Either way this is the badge you must have.

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