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Custom (Embroidered) Canteen Cover

Custom (Embroidered) Canteen Cover

Custom (Embroidered) Canteen Cover Based on period examples such as the one pictured above, The Badge Maker is proud to offer canteen covers with your choice of corps insignia and text hand embroidered on to uniquely complete your impression. Choose your Corps insignia from Corps 1-25 Choose Your Corps Civision Color Red, White, Blue, Green or Yellow Choose Your Cover Color: Brown, Sky Blue, Tan, Jean Grey, Navy Blue Choose Your Text: Examples can be as simple as U.S or the Soldiers Unit Name and Company (space permitting) (Period Correct Font will be used as close as can be immitated.) Choose Your Text Color:  Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black  Note: You will receive with your order two halfs of a canteen cover that must be attached by the purchaser.  The Corps Insignia will be within 2" by 2" shape and sewn in the center one side of the cover.  Any text desired will be sewn on the same side as the corps insignia to the customer's specifications within reason.

Customer responsible for covering canteen unless canteen is mailed to The Badge Maker through a pre-arranged agreement with the customer for the service. Extra Cost applies.
Division Color
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