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Custom (Corps Badge) Canteen Cover

Custom (Corps Badge) Canteen Cover

Custom (Corps Badge) Canteen CoverMAIL YOUR CANTEEN TO ME OR PURCHASE THE COVER HERE!!! Based of period examples as pictured above, The Badge Maker is proud to offer custom canteen covers with your choice of corps insigna sewn on them. Choose your Corps from 1-25 Choose your Corps Division Color - Red, White, Blue, Green, or Yellow Choose Your Cover Color - Brown, Sky Blue, Tan, Jean Grey, or Navy Blue Note: You will receive with your order two halfs of a canteen cover that must be attached by the purchaser.  The Corps Insignia will be within 2" by 2" shape and sewn in the center one side of the cover.  If your canteen requires holes to be cut into the cover or areas to be unattached this is the responsibility of the owner to alter the cover to fit their canteen unless a pre-arrangement has been agreed on between the customer and The Badge Maker.
Division Color
Cover Color