"Consolidated" Corps Badges

"Consolidated" Corps Badges

"Consolidated" Corps Badges

Following 1863 the Army found the need to reorganize and consolidate its forces. This involved many regiments with depleted numbers being merged into other regiments, and also Army Corps in the same fashion.

Few examples exist of Badges for these "Consolidated Corps," but from those that have survived we can see that like with all corps badges, the Army permited an artistic element to them, so long as they still represented what regulations demanded.

Above you will see pictured an example found in John D. Billings "Hardtack and Coffee" Chapter 13 on Corps Badges. A 5th Corps Badge with a 1st Corps Circle worked in, as the 1st was consolidated into the 5th.

* The options currently offered are based on Unit Histories and Period Examples found through various sources.

** If you have evidence of a "Consolidated Corps" badge not offered here, please send a private message through the CONTACT page, and it will be worked out.

Choose Corps: 1st-5th, 3rd-2nd, 18th-24th

Choose Division Colors 1: (will appear as second layer (white circle above))
Red, White, Sky Blue, Navy, Green, Yellow (depending on Corps History)

Choose Division Colors 2: (will appear as first layer (red cross above))
Red, White, Sky Blue, Navy, Green, Yellow (depending on Corps History)

* All CCBs will be on a Navy Blue wool backing for easier application sewing to a uniform or cap with no visible border stitching.
Division Color Layer 1
Division Color Layer 2