Coin Converterted Confederate I.D Disc

Coin Converterted Confederate I.D Disc

Coin Converted Confederate I.D Disc

Although highly speculated... and fakes have been found, Confederate Military Identification, made from coins of the period, is still not disproven.

Various pieces have been discovered with one side rubbed smooth and stamped or engraved with personal information.

Now available through The Badge Maker through customer request.

Go to the following link:

Choose a COPY of a period Confederate Half Dollar to have stamped or engraved on one side.
*Please note that these coins come with one side stamped (copy) please make sure to know which before purchasing as this side will need to be smoothed out.

Send your order with a message of which coin you would like (price of coin included in product price).

Your coin will be ordered and sent to The Badge Maker.

Once received, it will be smoothed out on one side and stamped with your prechosen information (space permitting) and shipped to you ASAP.