Army Patient Tobacco Pipe

Army Patient Tobacco Pipe

Army Patient Tobacco Pipe

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Crafted by The Pegasus Pipe Company and available only through The Badge Maker

This nifty little smoker is straight out of an 1864 Harper's Weekly advertisment. Originally provided through Richards and Co. of NYC this pipe is handmade and has a simple self-cleaning feature where the stem extends to smoke, but slides back in automatically pushing out the tobacco, making it perfect for either lounging in camp or a quick smoke before reforming ranks. It also fits easily in a vest or uniform coat pocket.

A perfect addition to any reenactor's impression or a unique addition to any pipe enthusiast's collection.

-Recommended to use a pipe tool to routinely scarp the barrel after each use to allow for the self-cleaning stem to work effectively.

*PLEASE ALLOW, due to possible demand, one month for this item to be crafted and shipped. If in stock, this item will ship asap upon receipt of the paid order. If not in stock each pipe will be made individually by hand and will take time to be assembled and shipped.
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