Against Rebellion 1861 Union Shield I.D. Disc

Against Rebellion 1861 Union Shield I.D. Disc


Against Rebellion 1861 I.D. Disc


Based on surviving examples and historical sources this ID Disc was one of the more popular discs to be privately purchased during the war by Federal soldiers.

In an attempt to reproduce a period I.D. Disc never before provided to the ACW reenacting community, I worked diligently on the disc pictured above.  I am proud to now provide it to my fellow reenactors and history enthusiasts. 


Color - Pewter (More color options available soon).

HAND STAMPED with your information
provide what you would like hand stamped on the reverse side.
(Unless you would like it blank, if so please omit the personal information section.)

* Most examples show that soldiers typically got 3 lines of information stamped on their Discs. Their first and last name across the top and separated by the hole. Their regiment or unit name in the center, and their hometown for their remains to be returned to at the bottom.

* Space is limited, but 35 characters is the maximum amount that can fit on this size disc.

Provide what you would like stamped EXACTLY as you would like it to appear.
(Capital Letters, and Lower case letters)

Disc Color
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