Cloth Center Bannerman’s Style Badge

Cloth Center Bannerman’s Style Badge


Cloth Center Sixth Corps Badge Bannerman's StylePre Orders Now Taken for this Badge to be produced.

Pre-Order needed to produce this badge; all costs go toward the entire product line, production steps include: digital design, manufacture, and mass production.

Great for a group order!!!

Depending on the piece I will get the artwork made up; either through converting the image into black and white art to be made into a metal plate and cast in pewter exactly as it appears in the art work or I will utilize a digital designer to make a 3-D rendering of your project and then get my manufacturer to produce it for you.I will correspond with you until you approve of the image to be made and discuss all production options and costs with you as we go.* Price of $150.00 is an estimated total project cost. The difference to be paid either in installments as costs arrise or in a grand total before the piece is shipped.  Decide on what quantity you would like and I will determine a quote for the entire order. (More than one piece is better for price per piece made)Once the order is paid for I will send the artwork out to be produced into your badge or insignia.  Option: For an extra fee,Choose from Colored Metal Plating or Bare Pewter (Silver).  Plating Options:Nickel (Dark Silver), Copper (Dark Brown), Bronze (Light Brown Brass Color), or Gold. Please Note: Color Metal Plating is listed from least expensive to most expensive.  Plating Process takes time and depending on the size of your order my take 1-3 additional weeks for completion.  Option:If you would like a period style pin made and attached to the back of your piece for wear, select PINBACK.


*Note: Pin will be made by hand out of either silver or gold colored wire and attached to the back of your badge vertically for wear with a clear industrial adhesive so as to not damage the badge itself.  Once completed I will ship your order to you asap.  All items produced as Custom Corps Badges or Insignia by The Badge Maker will be made available for public purchase after being produced as a custom order unless otherwise agreed upon between The Badge Maker and the original purchasing customer.  Any additional questions or special requests regarding your order please send me a message through the CONTACT page in the NAV bar or through my Facebook Page The Badge Maker.

Choose a color for a Division Color with a Piece of Fabric attached to show through the cut out center.

Note: The Cloth Center Badge will have no pin, as the owner can either use a modern safty pin or sew the badge directly to their clothing.

Choose your Division Color: Red (First), White (Second), Navy Blue or Sky Blue (Third) and Green for (Fourth).

Division Color
Choose Corps
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