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Ukraine Nationalist Badge

Ukraine Nationalist Badge


HELP UKRAINE in its defense against Russia.

Though many of us lack any substantial means to effect the events currently unfolding in Eastern Europe we must look to history and it will become apparent that collected efforts can make a difference.

For that reason I am offering these Badges for the hope of such an effort to be made.

Base on examples of 1919 Ukraine Nationalist badges worn by those fighting in the post WWI period for Ukraine to stand as an independent nation I added my own twist to them in order to appeal to those who are lovers of history and also have a heart.

The badge is hand sewn wool in Ukraine National colors 3”x2”. They can be worn or simply be a keepsake.

The combined historian and parent in me knows that within any armed conflict over a nation the children who have the unfortunate circumstances of living through it, will be the ones to carry on the legacy of that nation. This is a fact for Ukraine, so I will donate the total sale of each of these badges to UNICEF to provide necessary help to the children of Ukraine.

If you would like to send a donation of any amount you can send it to UNICEF yourself via or to me via PayPal to my email

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