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Spanish American War U.S Army Corps Bages: Officers

Spanish American War U.S Army Corps Bages: Officers


(Image is an exmaple of the options for a potential order.) - Cloth


Spanish American War U.S Army Corps Badges


By the year 1898 and with the outbreak of the country's newest war follow the Civil War, the army had developed new corps insignia.


Enlisted men would have a solid cloth insignia with Red, White, or Blue for the First, Second or Third Divsion of their corps.


Officer's would have a red insignia with two layers of colors behind it, white next and blue on the outside.


For your Officer's Badge


Choose Corps - 1-18 or Artillery or Cavalry


All Badges will have the color scheme as stated above.


* Please note: As Army regulations changed by the Spanish American War these badges come cut out for direct sewing on a uniform and without a navy blue backing as do the Civil War Corps Badges.

  • Terms and Conditions (Please Read)

    All orders for (Spanish American War U.S Army Corps Badges: Officer's) will be fulfilled in the order they are received and will be treated as private commissioned projects between the customer and the seller: The Badge Maker.

    Shipping of purchase to the customer will be regarded as ASAP level of necessity and the cost of which will be predetermined, and covered by the customer. 

    If for any reason a conflict of any kind occurs regarding your order you will be notified immediately. 

    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will be willing to work with you until your purchase is to your liking. 

    If you are totally dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, returns will be accepted and you shall be refunded the full amount paid for your purchase once the item purchased has been returned in perfect condition to The Badge Maker.  If the condition is less than perfect the return will be null and void.  If the condition is acceptable, the original shipping cost will also be refunded, but the cost of the return shipping must be paid by the customer.

    Customer's personal information will be held in confidence and used only regarding business transactions between the customer and The Badge Maker.

    * NOTE that all items produced by The Badge Maker are subject to being photographed and those photographs will be posted to The Badge Maker social media pages, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

    By committing to your purchase you the customer are agreeing to all the above terms and will not over escalate any issue between yourself and/or those associated with you in any way and the seller: The Badge Maker.

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