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Period Playing Cards

Period Playing Cards


Period Playing Cards and Gambling Chips Set

That is right. I have added yet another vice to my collection. Now you can smoke tobacco and gamble (quietly) with your pards in camp. Or maybe with the enemy in between the lines when no one is watching.I believe poker, like war is an allegory for life and in that the abilities of skill, and experience combined with a mix of luck and chance are what we must all figure out or hope to master to make it to the end. Therefore I offer those items to reflect upon this idea.


(Pair this reproduction deck of playing cards with my separate product; vintage clay gambling chips which come in 3 stacks of 13 chips each. Why 13? No it’s not for luck, it’s that Federal Enlisted Soldiers top pay was $13 a month. Now gamble that pay with a minimum of 3 players. *add additional stacks of 13 chips if you wish for an additional cost so you can add more players to your game. (Chip Colors will vary but will match per stack) All items come within a draw string bag as well for easier carrying in the field.)


Cards will be chosen at random (luck of the draw) from stock of 1858, 1863, and 1864 style decks.

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