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Veteran Badge

Veteran Badge


Veteran Badge

Unseen anywhere else and not available elsewhere in reproduction.

On one of my many online searches for new products to provide our community I came across this piece; a top bar marked veteran in late 19th century font, what is a large American flag of 13 stars draped under it was a false embroidered star at its center. I was quick to purchase the peace and have it reproduced. The tricky part was the flag but luckily I was able to come through and produces close a replica as possible. You will notice a difference in the stars as mine are metal and the originals or more sequined, but still they always close a replica as you’ll ever find.

Purchased one for your own post war veterans impression will give one as a gift to a member of our modern veterans community who has earned the title of veteran of our Armed Forces.

Disclaimer: all my metal pieces with pin backs are attached with industrial adhesive.

For the star by itself: Check out my product!

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