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Bone Carved Corps Badge

Bone Carved Corps Badge

Bone Carved Corps Badges

In my pursuit to provide my fellow reenactors with historically accurate army corps badges I have long sought to provide them in every possible material in which historical examples survive.

I am proud to have finally devised the means of providing them in the last material that I sought to to provide them, in bone.
Made either in camp in the downtime that only soldiers have, or made as the watch chain pictured here, by POWs in prisoner of war camps, they stand as the most personal Badges to add to your historical impression.

Hand made by a talented and experience bone carving artist. I modeled those provided here by the Libby prison watch chain artifact found in the Gettysburg museum. Not all army corps Insignia are represented, but if there is one you would like made just send me a private message and we can work it out.

*Note the holes are for sewing the badge onto your uniform or hat.
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