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Sheridan's Cavalry Corps (Large)

Sheridan's Cavalry Corps (Large)


Sheridan's Cavlary Corps (Large Size)


A more rare, but known badge of the war.  It was created in late 1863, but know to be worn by the men of the corps until 1864.  Even then the only documentation suggests it was worn by only officers.  Even still this was most likely a smaller verticle style badge, and it is suggested that the large size was a post war veterans style. 


Never the less, one large style, a bit more ornate and missing the center circle has been found, and was potenially a war time badge.


Therefore, this large size and style of this badge is now available through The Badge Maker.


Cast from Lead Free Pewter and hand engraved or painted to your liking to represent those Badges special ordered by soldiers through advertisments in various newpapers of the period.


Choose Enemal Color for Division:

Red, White, or Blue


*Enamel Location will be the center circle of the badge


Choose Saber's Color:  Unpainted (silver) or Gold.

As originals were with silver glory and gold sabers, or found with unpainted sabers.


*Comes with handmade period style pin on the back.

Choose Division Color