Personalized Pocket Tobacco Pipes

Personalized Pocket Tobacco Pipes

Personalized Pocket Tobacco Pipes  After researching on Civil War Tobacco Pipes and reading the excellent source: Ben Rapaport’s Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray , I again had the idea of providing another rare, interesting, customizable, personal, and historically specific item for my customer's. Modeled from various images of period pipes carved in the field, with some modern practicality mixed in, this pipe had been conveniently sized to fit any vest or uniform pocket for easy retrievel no matter what situation you are facing at an event. It also is customizable to allow the customer to choose any Corps (1-25) Insignia on the front along with any text (space permitting) to be carved into a banner than goes across the front and sides of the bowl. Need another insignia that is not corps related...No Problem. Simply Choose OTHER in the Insignia Options Section and leave a message with what you would like.  If it can be done, it will. (NOTE: Some insignia will look better without the banner so the Banner Option is also availble with NO Banner as a choice.) Choose your Corps or Other. Choose either Light or Dark stain for the bowl color. Choose either Modern or Period style engraving.  *The style is meant to be slightly crude, again, field carved look.  Crafted by The Pegasus Pipe Company and available only through The Badge Maker   *PLEASE ALLOW, due to possible demand, 3 months or so for this item to be crafted and shipped as each pipe will be made individually by hand and will take time to be completed.
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