Burnside’s Design Ninth Corps Badge

Burnside’s Design Ninth Corps Badge


From Hardtack and Coffee:


General Burnside issued General Orders No. 6, April 10, 1864, announcing as the badge of his corps, " A shield with the figure nine in the centre crossed with a foul anchor and cannon, to be worn on the top of the cap or front of the hat." This corps had a fourth division, whose badge was green. The corps commander and his staff wore a badge "of red, white, and blue, with gilt anchor, cannon, and green number."


This order grew out of the difficulty experienced in obtaining the badge prescribed by General Burnside. The cannon, anchor, etc., were made of gold bullion at Tiffany's, New York City, and as it was scarcely practicable for the rank and file to obtain such badges, they had virtually anticipated the order of General Parke, and were wearing the three plain colors after the man ner of the rest of Potomac's army. The figures in the color- plate, however, are fashioned after the direction of General Bnrnside's order.


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